This detailed account of how the Gregory family prevailed through hardship and loss serves as inspiration to readers interested in the fate of families who homesteaded the land in the Palouse Country.

—Jerry Jones, Editor, Whitman County Gazette

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In addition to his paperback and hardcover editions of Buckshot Pie, Chris  released this non-fiction book in Kindle Edition format at Amazon.  Also, Chris has a second book, Dismounted Liberty in Kindle Edition format at Amazon and paperback edition through Create Space and Amazon.

Dismounted Liberty is from the genre of “Creative Non-fiction”  The events were actual, but the dialogue and inner-monologue are created from the author’s assumptions.  This descriptive narration of history is filled with the presumed, but likely thoughts and words of the protagonist.

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And finally, our author has just released  his fiction book Straight Like a Sapling in Kindle Edition. Straight Like a Sapling deals with the struggles, tragedies, and eventual successes of a teacher/coach who returns to the Colville Reservation to lift up the next generation.

Buckshot Pie’s surviving main character Delbert, and author Chris at Barnes & Noble book signing, Northtown, Spokane, WA:


Buckshot pie is a metaphor for pioneer spirit, tough times, and the bittersweet struggle to survive and live off the land.   Pearl’s wild elderberry pie was jokingly referred to as buckshot pie by her five sons.  They followed the winding banks of Rock Creek near Winona and then Pine Creek near Oakesdale and they rode the countryside on horseback to pick the fruit for their mother because they loved her berry pies.  However, they ate them carefully to avoid the occasional hard seed.

Buckshot Pie chronicles the struggles of this family to provide for a living on marginal wheat farm land.  It follows the early deaths and the loss of the homestead through bank foreclosure.  It continues through the Great Depression and the difficult economic times as Pearl tried, but failed to retain the mortgage on her beloved Corner Café.  haro maruBut the most difficult times for the family were experienced in World War II.  The eldest brother fought through the Battle of Bataan and survived the Bataan Death March.  He survived thirty more months under torturous conditions at the hands of sadistic Imperial Forces.  After suffering recurring bouts of malaria, beriberi, and dysentery, as Stalag 7Awell as beatings and starvation he lost his battle aboard the Hokusen Maru, one of the Imperial hellships.  Two other brothers were in numerous combat flights and both narrowly survived crash landings.  The youngest brother, badly wounded by a grenade, recovered, but lost sight in one eye while a prisoner of the Nazis for over thirteen months.  The grief and anguish took its toll on Pearl with cause for broken heart throughout much of her life, and culminated in failing health and death from cancer at age 52.  The surviving boys and their sister went on to marry, raise families, and continue the struggle to succeed, but always remembered their humble beginnings… and their mother’s buckshot pie.

3 survivorsDuring the past decade there has been a great resurgence of interest in World War II. This interest has no doubt been stimulated by the fact that the last members of that generation are dwindling in number. Additionally, Tom Brokaw’s The Greatest Generation has spurred an interest in those octogenarians and nonagenarians, their economic struggle, and their war. There are several outstanding books that have recently treated the subject of World War II. Other than Brokaw’s, some of the widely popular include: UnbrokenTears in the Darkness, Give Us This Day, Lost in Shangri-La, Captured Honor, With the Old Breed, and Resolve. In the spirit of those non-fiction novels, Buckshot Pie takes an in-depth look into the lives of the World War II participants and the families that anxiously awaited their return. However, unlike those already successful novels, Buckshot Pie delves into the lives of five brothers from birth through their contributions and sacrifices for their nation. It develops an in-depth exploration into their early childhood experiences and the environments that helped to form the character and skills of each.

Publisher:  Semper Pi Publishing, Tekoa, WA

Author’s email address: [email protected]