Why ‘Star Wars’ movies are the best of all time

When the original Star Wars was released in 1977, it was a blockbuster blockbuster hit.

It was the best-selling movie of all-time.

But over the years, the movie’s popularity has declined.

Its box office share has declined to less than 1% of total box office sales.

This is in part because the movie is still being produced today, and movies like “The Last Jedi” and “Rogue One” have helped revive the franchise.

So why do so many fans consider “Star Wars” movies the best movie ever made?

That’s because they are.

Here are five reasons why.1.

Star Wars is not just an adventure movie.

In the original “Star War,” Luke Skywalker’s journey is part adventure, part war.

The story is not about the journey to get to Tatooine.

It’s about Luke’s journey to the planet of Dagobah, and the journey of his family.

“It’s not a story about an epic journey,” said “Star Trek” actor Anthony Rapp.

“The journey is a journey.”

“Star Wars,” like “Star-Wars” itself, is about love, family, hope, and adventure.

The movie tells a story of love and family and the love between humans and other species, and also of a young man who is born into the wrong kind of family.

The family that comes with him to Dagobahn is one of love, compassion, and peace.2.

It is an exploration of identity.

The “Star wars” universe is a multiverse, and that means that people of many different races and cultures are able to interact and share information.

That means that there is a lot of diversity within the Star Wars universe.

People of many ethnicities, creeds, and creeds all share the same story, and they all have different reasons for coming together.

That diversity gives the movie a lot to work with.

It lets the filmmakers create their own characters and characters’ motivations.

“StarWars” has explored the importance of self and identity in order to give its characters the best possible story.3.

It offers a sense of belonging.

When the “Star war” universe was first created, many fans were concerned that it was just another fantasy.

The original “star wars” was the first time in a long time that an adult movie franchise was a fantasy.

” Star Wars” was about rebellion, not adventure, and it wasn’t a great movie for kids.

In addition, Star Wars had no time period in which the main characters had real-world relationships.

The first “Star of David” film, “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” was released less than six years after “Star Lord.”

But fans still believed in the movies, and there was a lot that was unique about them.4.

It tells a new story.

Star Wars has always been about a young hero, and this movie tells that story.

“Rogue one” is the sequel to “Star Of David.”

“Rogue” is a “Star” movie that takes place after “The Empire Strikes Back.”

It has an epic storyline and characters, but it’s still about the main character, Luke Skywalker.

And Luke’s parents are Luke’s friends, so he is still Luke’s main source of connection with the rest of the galaxy.

“What is the core of Star Wars?

It’s love,” Rapp said.

“But it’s also about family.

It has this sense of unity.”

“The new generation of fans that grew up on ‘Star wars’ have grown up on movies like ‘Rogue One,’ which are all about family,” he continued.

“That’s something that is very much alive and well.”5.

It allows for diversity.

When Disney was looking to revive the “star war” franchise, they took a look at some of the best and most beloved movies of the past and asked themselves how they could incorporate new ideas and ideas that were more inclusive.

“When I look at the best ‘Star of david’ films, they’re all family films, but they’re not all family oriented,” said filmmaker Chris Weitz.

“They’re all about the bond of a family.

There’s no big war that’s being waged in the story, there’s no one doing the fighting, and no one getting killed.

There is a family element.”

Disney’s decision to use a female lead in the upcoming “RogueOne” is another example of diversity.

“I’m a big fan of diversity in the world of filmmaking,” said Rapp.

He said that in his life, “Starlord” has always reflected that, and his films have always reflected the diverse casts that populate the world.

In a world that has such a deep desire to be inclusive, it’s not surprising that Disney chose to use diverse characters.