The bookseller who sold her entire collection of horror novels

Best-selling author and editor Pamela Coyle has died at the age of 96.

She was a pioneer in the field of horror fiction, publishing more than 100 novels and selling more than 10 million copies of her books, according to her daughter-in-law.

“Pamela was an incredibly gifted writer and editor,” her daughter Jennifer Coyle said in a statement.

“She was a tireless advocate for young writers and for the industry as a whole.

She will be greatly missed by many.”

The writer, whose works include the novel No Man’s Land, The Ladykillers, and The Haunted House, died on Wednesday.

Coyle was born in London and raised in the US, where she worked as a journalist.

Her career began in the 1970s with her debut novel, No Man, a supernatural tale that would eventually make its way to more than 200 American magazines.

The novel, which was adapted into the 1973 film, The Man Who Knew Too Much, was nominated for two Oscars, including the best novel award, in 1976.

It won four more in 1980, 1991, and 1997, earning Coyle the Pulitzer Prize in 1979.

The book sold more than 400 million copies.

Colly’s other books include The Ladykiller, The Haunted Man, The House of Horror, and others.

She published more than 1,000 books and sold more the same number, according, to her biographer, Patricia Tannen.

Cogan’s other work included the novels The Darkest Hour, The Death of the King, The Witch’s Sabbath, The Book of the Dead, and a novel that inspired the 1979 TV show The X-Files.

She also worked as an editor on a number of films including The Black Dahlia Murder, The Devil’s Trap, The Last Boy Scout, and the television series, The X Files.