How to watch the best science fiction films 2019

A selection of the best new science fiction and fantasy films of 2019, which are available for streaming on demand and via streaming services such as Netflix and Amazon Prime.

Read moreA selection of films are also available on VOD, on demand services, on the BBC iPlayer, on digital platforms and at cinemas.

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What you can expect from the filmsThe best sci-fi films are a diverse and varied bunch.

They include classics, new releases, critically acclaimed, obscure, and just about everything in between.

Below is a brief look at the best sci flicks of 2019.

What we’re looking forThere’s a good mix of genres, from space exploration to space combat.

Some of the films focus on social issues such as gender equality, and some of the themes are more philosophical.

Here are some of our favourites:I Am Legend (Director: Terence Malick)A romantic drama about a man who, after discovering he’s the son of aliens, falls in love with a beautiful woman.

It’s a strong and dark film about love and loss.

It also explores issues of gender equality and the ethics of artificial intelligence.

What to watch in 2019The filmography below is a bit of a mix of sci fi, fantasy and other genres.

We have a list of our picks for you below, but we’re not including the films that aren’t listed above.

Asteroids (Director Terence Palick)An exploration of the space program that began in the 1960s, with an astronaut stranded on a mysterious planet.

The film is set in the far future, with humanity’s first human mission on Mars.

The Martian (Director, David Michod)The story of a man on Mars who finds a woman, who is actually the daughter of a Martian woman, and a spaceship crew that is forced to leave their home in an attempt to save their lives.

It is the story of how humans are able to adapt to the harsh environments of space, with a great story.

The Man from Another Place (Director James Gunn)An adventure film set in an alternative version of Earth in which humans colonised the planet Mars in the 19th century.

It follows a crew of astronauts on a space station that is about to be destroyed, and the crew finds themselves trapped in an alternate reality, a version of Mars where humanity has colonised.

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Babylon 5 (Director Josh Boone)A futuristic space drama that follows an alien invasion of Earth and an interstellar race called the Tau’ri.

The aliens are a genetically engineered race of advanced human beings that are very different from the normal humans.

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Futurama (Director Bryan Fuller)Futuristic comedy set in 2041 where two scientists try to discover why humans have been evolving into an alien species.

It stars John Stamos, David Cross, and Jason Isaacs.

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The Simpsons (Director Joss Whedon)A show about a family of friends that, on one day, accidentally discover that a strange new creature lives on a planet.

Read moreIt’s a funny show that’s also a good comedy, and it’s about people who live in a time when the internet is just beginning to take off, and that there’s a new kind of media.

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How to watch The Best Sci Fi Films of 2019Watching a sci fi film is like watching a film about the universe.

We are so immersed in it, and we spend so much time watching it, that we forget what’s really happening in the world around us.

There are great moments and great moments of suspense, but there are also moments of sheer wonder and wonderment.

We’ll give a few tips on how to watch 2019’s best sci fi films.Read More