When is the Last Film You Saw With a Black Woman?

When I was in college, I saw a lot of movies that I thought were black films, but the only ones I saw that were black women were mostly films with white actors.

It was very, very frustrating.

I remember thinking, “This is the only time in history when you’re not going to see black women in black films,” so I thought, “Let’s make this happen.”

It was only after I graduated that I got to see the first film I ever saw that had a black woman as its lead.

I was like, “Holy crap!”

It’s been years since that day. 

Amber Heard as Black Woman in Pulp Fiction Uma After that first film, I started reading more, and I saw more.

I’m just as shocked as anyone that there were no black women directors.

I started researching, and now I’m writing a book.

I feel like I’ve never had any kind of racial dialogue in the industry.

The only thing I’ve seen that is in the black community is a lot more women directors, but in the film world, there’s just been this white male gaze, and the only thing that has been happening is that women directors are not getting paid the same as their male colleagues.

So when a woman director gets paid less than a male director, that’s really sad.

There’s so much inequality in the business.

I really think that this is going to change, and that we’re going to finally be able to see a lot about diversity in the media. 

Cristela Alonzo, a black actress in Pulap…