Five things you might not know about fictional families

You know that you have two female protagonists, but there are lots of men.

There’s a lot of male characters in fictional families too.

Here’s everything you need to know about them.


The main male characters are very well known You’ve probably seen some of the films starring the main characters, and it’s safe to assume they’re a household name.

The names of most of them are already familiar to you.

You probably know a lot about the characters who inhabit them, including the fact that they’re male.

And while they may have names like Peter, Liam and Richard, you may not know who they are.

There are lots and lots of other people with names like John or Joe, for example.


The female characters are often not the only characters in a fictional family This isn’t a big deal if you’re a new reader, but if you’ve been following the stories of your favourite fictional families for a while, you might find it hard to keep up with the plot.

And if you do, you’re going to have to put up with a lot more dialogue.

Here are some things to consider when reading fiction: 1.

How the story is told in the books: How much is the narrator telling us?

In a novel, the narrator tells the reader what happens and how it happens.

In a story, the writer tells the story.

In the case of fiction, this is a lot easier, but not always.

In an autobiographical story, for instance, the reader is only told the first person’s perspective.

This makes it easier to keep track of what the characters are doing, and to avoid confusing them.

2, The story doesn’t end in a happy ending If you’re new to fiction, the first thing to realise is that the protagonist can always go back to the beginning, and change the course of the story in any number of ways.

If you don’t like the ending, you can always re-read it.

But for new readers, the fact is that most of the time, the end of a story is not the happy ending the protagonist is hoping for.

This is especially true in fictional family dramas.


How different the books are: In a literary novel, you have the main character and her friends, the family’s many rivals, and their various enemies.

In fiction, you’ve got your main character, a married woman, her husband, and a gang of criminals, all of whom you meet and often have to fight.

And then there are other characters in the book, all who happen to be female.

It’s often very difficult to tell who the main protagonists are in the world of fiction.


You’re more likely to read fiction if you are a female author In a number of studies, authors with female characters have found that female readers tend to enjoy their fiction better, because they find it easier and more compelling to read about people who are real, rather than fictional characters.

This can lead to books like the upcoming The Power of Two, which focuses on two women who have a relationship with the main male character.

It seems to work.


You can find a lot out in fiction If you like to read a lot, you’ll probably want to start with a good introduction to fiction before you start reading.

You might want to read The Power Of Two, for starters, to understand the characters, their relationships, and what their relationship is like.

And you might want more than one book to give you a flavour of a fictional universe.

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