What are the fictional names for the characters in the science fiction novels?

The following list of fictional names was created by a fan and is based on what I have heard from other people in the genre.

These fictional names are based on real characters and are used for the main characters and for supporting characters.

This list will be updated as more people are asked about their favorite fictional names. 

If you are a fan of one of the books in the series, I would be happy to hear about any names you would like to see included.

Please leave a comment on this post if you know a name you think should be included. 

All names have been carefully searched by the author and the writer.

Please take this into consideration when naming your character. 

The first character is the protagonist, so the name is used to identify him or her.

I think this is probably the best way to start the story, so I hope you enjoy reading the name as much as I do. 

 The second character is named after the protagonist. 

I really like the way this character names his or her brother, so that’s the name I used. 

What if I wanted to change the name?

The most common questions I get about changing a fictional name are “What if the author doesn’t like my choice?” and “Is this too silly?”

Both of these are valid questions, but the second one is less of a concern.

The reason for this is because I have seen other people use the names of their characters as a way to make it more humorous.

It is important that your story doesn’t go too far into ridiculousness, but if you want your fictional characters to be fun, I think a simple change in the name can go a long way. 

Now that we have a list of names, let’s talk about the characters.

The characters have names based on their relationship to the main character.

This is very similar to the real life relationship between a mother and her children.

The mother and the children are the same person, so they have the same name. 

In the world of the book, the relationship between the father and the mother is very complicated.

They have very different lives, and it’s impossible to predict what will happen to them in the future. 

Sometimes, the characters are friends or acquaintances with the mother, so it makes sense that the name should follow them as a name.

However, in the book this isn’t always the case.

Sometimes the characters have a completely different name, and the father might not even know that they’re related to the mother at all.

This can be confusing and can cause confusion for readers. 

Another interesting question to ask yourself is “If I wanted a different name for the mother in the story?”

I am sure many of you are thinking that the mother could just be named “Eve”, and it would still work.

But this would be wrong. 

For example, the mother and daughter in The Golden Circle, by John Brunner, are actually two different people.

This could be a good reason to name the mother Eve and the daughter Eve, but not for all of your fictional names, of course. 

There are two main types of fictional characters in science fiction: the “fictional characters” that are very specific in what they want to be called and the “real characters”. 

The fictional characters are usually people from another universe, and they want something different than their real-world counterparts.

These “fictions” usually have a very specific purpose, so changing the name of one fictional character would be the most logical thing to do.

You might be thinking that you could just change one fictional name to another, but I would suggest not doing that. 

It’s not unusual to have two different fictional names in a story, or two different real names in the same story. 

A good example of this is the character Rachael in The Exiled, by Michael Moorcock. 

Rachael has a name that is a direct reference to her past life. 

She is a very smart, successful, and powerful woman who was married to a guy who killed his wife.

She also has an evil side. 

However, Rachyl is very specific about her name.

She doesn’t want it to be Rachielle, or Rachilie, or anything of the sort. 

So Rachelle is Rachla, and Rachlele is not a fictional character.

I am not saying that Rachela is a better name, but Rachellele is more accurate. 

To sum it up, the real-life characters have an amazing backstory that they want people to know about, but they also have a unique, very specific name that fits perfectly with the story.

When you write your fictional character, keep in mind that you should always try to make the character unique and unique only. 

Do you have a favorite fictional name?

Do you have any other ideas for