Which Literary Fiction is Your Favorite?

It’s not easy deciding which books to read, but here are the books that are most fun to read for literary fiction lovers.

-By Paul Cavanagh The New York Times Best Seller The New Republic Best Book of the Year (2015) The novel is a dark, sad, and sometimes hilarious account of the first week of September 2017.

-The Washington Post Best Book (2016) It’s a novel about how a family in Texas lost everything.

-Library Journal Best Book for Adults (2017) The story of a girl who lives in the woods with her mother, and who falls in love with a bear.

-Washington Post Best Novel (2018) The debut novel by a Canadian author about a young man who finds a new life on a small island.

-Penguin Random House Best Book For Children (2018)- A story about a group of young children who are in a forest, in a strange, magical world.

-Grammy® Winner (2017)- A book about a teenage boy’s quest to be a rock star in the music business.

-Locus Award (2016)- A novel about an isolated island that’s also a rock and roll destination.

-Booklist Best Book Of The Year (2018)– A book that’s about a boy who’s been adopted by a wealthy, politically connected family.

-New York Times Book of The Year 2018 (2018-2019)– The tale of a young girl who learns to love and love to hate.

-Wired Best Book 2017 (2017)– A novel with a great deal of heart.

-Barcroft Media Book of 2018 (2017-) A young boy is trying to become the best singer in the world.