Which TV shows have the best detective fiction?

With Detective Conundrum, creator John Hughes delivers a new twist on a classic genre in a series of short, charming and surprisingly gripping stories that can only be described as a detective novel.

Hughes, who is best known for his work on such shows as The Fugitive and The Punisher, has written the detective fiction series for several years, but only recently got around to releasing it to the public.

This time around, it’s a sequel to his 2014 detective novel, The Secret of the Mummy.

In it, the story of the titular detective finds a group of children in the form of a pair of aliens, and their journey to investigate the origins of the mummy and his cult follows them to their mysterious destination.

In the latest issue of Wired, Hughes shares his thoughts on the new series and the way it captures the essence of the detective novel with us.

The story of this series is a detective story.

This story is about a man who travels the country searching for a missing child and is led by a young girl.

It’s a mystery story.

It tells a story about the search for truth, it tells a very compelling story.

That’s the way the story is presented.

This is a story that follows these children and their quest to find a missing person.

It also tells a fantastic story about this time period, the way that the story has to be told, the pacing of it, how it has to feel, how the characters are presented, how this story plays out.

The way that we present this story in this series and that is that these are children who have to go on a mission to find the mummy, and this is the way they do it, this is what we’ve been telling our audience, this story, is the detective story, the good detective story in a way.

But that doesn’t mean that the characters aren’t important.

We’re interested in the kids, we’re interested to know what their journey is and what they’ve got to do.

So that’s why we’re going to use all these elements, all these characters and this journey, this adventure that we’re telling in this first issue.

The thing that I love about this is that it’s not just a story of finding a missing kid.

We really take this story very seriously.

We take it very seriously, because it’s the same story that we told in the original.

The only difference is that we’ve gone a little bit more in depth into the characters, because we really want the audience to understand the journey that these children have to make and to understand their character, their motivation, their motives and their relationship with this otherworldly entity.

We have the ability to tell this story a little more and to explore this deeper.

There’s also a lot more to it.

It takes place in this dimension and it has a lot to do with the mythology that we are told.

I’m also interested in exploring the mythology of this dimension, the idea of these entities that exist and these people that are searching for these things.

So there’s a lot going on there.

We’ve got the kids and their mission to solve this mystery.

They’ve got a lot of fun on the way, because the journey is not always easy, because they’ve come into contact with a strange, ancient creature that has powers and powers that are unknown to them.

We don’t know how this thing is created.

The children have the power to see into the past, the history of this realm, and the mythology behind this.

The mysteries of this world have been unraveled, and it’s up to the children to solve the mystery of how it came to be.

There are a lot questions that are unanswered and a lot mysteries that are left unanswered.

They have a lot on their plate.

The first part of the series is about these children, but we don’t really tell them anything about this alien, we just tell them how they can come into this world.

We also have a great deal of humor, because that’s something that we can’t really do in a detective tale, where you can just tell the story.

We tell a story with the characters and we tell a funny story.

But we have to give a little twist in there because the mystery is not really clear at this point, but it’s there.

We want the reader to come into the world of the kids.

And the reader has to come to that world and understand that, “Oh, this thing that’s coming from this place is going to kill you.”

That’s what the mystery story is all about.

It isn’t really clear in the first few issues of the book.

So we want to give the reader a little leeway in understanding what’s going on, what’s happening in this universe and what this creature is.

We are trying to be very, very careful with the pacing.

You can see that we have a good balance between the mystery and the fun elements, and we’re not letting it become too complicated. We do have