Science fiction in 2019

Hard science fiction has been the year’s biggest category, taking top honors for the first time.

The winners, by an average of 7.6 per cent, included:The best novel of 2019 was a science-fiction epic called The End of the World.

The story of a race against time and a cosmic catastrophe, it won first prize in the category of best science fiction.

The best short story was by Arundhati Roy’s The Big Short.

She won the prize for the best short fiction.

In the category for best non-fiction, The Washington Post’s The Best of 2019 had the most readers and most nominations, followed by The New York Times’ Best of Fiction and The Atlantic’s Best of Science Fiction.

In other categories, The Guardian’s The Year in Science Fiction was the top-selling science-fantasy title, while the bestseller list for the year included The Best Of The Last Five Books, by David Eddings, which came in second.