When you’re an Irish Poet, it’s not just about poetry, it is about life

The Irish Poets Festival will have its annual event this year with the selection of popular fiction works.

Among the stories selected are stories by the likes of Ursula K. Le Guin, Anne McCaffrey and Cormac McCarthy.

The Poets festival is an annual literary event organised by the Irish Writers Guild in cooperation with the Arts Council of Ireland.

It takes place every year at the National Theatre in Dublin, from March 15 to May 13.

It was created by the National Poets and Writers Festival (NPFW) in the 1970s.

The NPFW has grown from just four writers and their four-person panel of volunteers to now have about 150 writers and artists participating.

This year the NPFW is celebrating its 20th year and will host its fourth edition on April 29.

The selection will include fiction by the following:David Mitchell, Robert Coover, James Joyce, Sylvia Plath, John Updike, Hilary Mantel, Cormac MacCarthy, Stephen King, Mary McCarthy, Ursula Le Guins, David Mitchell, David Foster Wallace, Neil Gaiman, and Yann Martel.

The first selection of works will be on display from March 17 to 20.

The second selection of stories will be displayed from March 25 to 31.

The third selection of books will be showcased from April 1 to 3.

Tickets for the NPfw will cost €30, with the entry fee going to the writers and poets.

The festival runs from March to May.