How to find a real life fictional character quiz

This quiz asks you to answer five questions about fictional characters that have appeared in your favourite movies, TV shows, and books.


Who is the character from your favourite fictional character?

What is their name?


Who was the character’s father?

What did they do in the movies and books they appeared in?


What is the name of their pet?

What was the name they were called in the books?


How many years did the character live?

What year did they become a member of the Avengers?


What did the characters father say when they met in the movie?

The quiz is a great way to get to know real people and get a taste of their real-life personalities.

The quiz will ask you to pick five fictional characters and see how they are different to their real life counterparts.

The five fictional fictional characters include the main characters of your favourite books, movies, and television shows, including Harry Potter, The Avengers, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and more.

The real life characters are named in the quiz, but there is no guarantee they will match the fictional character.

What are some of the other interesting facts about fictional fictional character quizzes?


You can only answer five fictional character questions at a time.

This means you cannot use up all the time you have available.


You have to fill in all five questions correctly to be successful.


The questions are presented as they appear on the fictional fictional television show.


The quizzes can take a long time to complete.


There is a maximum of 10 quizzes.

The most common question is the question “Who is the fictional person?”


You must answer all five quizzes correctly.

There are also quiz questions on the quiz show, which give additional information.

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