The 10 Most Interesting Magical Beasts of All Time


The Lion King — Disney’s 1992 animated film about a lion and a tiger.


The Nightmare Before Christmas — An adult-rated Christmas tale about a young boy who finds a toy he thought was a toy lion.


Frozen — An animated film that features a bear, a snowman, a dragon, and other holiday-themed characters.

3. Aladdin — An Aladdin-inspired film that follows a princess and her friends on a magical journey to visit the Genie. 4.

Aloha — A film based on the classic novel by F. Scott Fitzgerald that depicts a Hawaiian boy’s journey to find the legendary treasure.


Beauty and the Beast — An Oscar-winning animated film based off of the book of the same name by Disney animator William Moulton Marston.

6. Alhambra — An Italian film about two thieves who are caught by a wealthy family in order to steal an ancient treasure.


Altered Carbon — An American film about an electrician who discovers a hidden treasure in the desert.


Pocahontas — An original film that tells the story of a Native American princess, Pocahonto, who falls in love with a Spanish conquistador.

9. Frozen 2 — An extended remake of the 1996 Disney animated film.


Alias — An anthology of science fiction and fantasy novels.