How to stop the weird fiction from spreading on Facebook

A little research will tell you that most of your Facebook friends and family don’t like weird fiction.

Facebook’s “trending topics” section has an option to ban weird fiction, but there’s little you can do to stop it from spreading.

It’s a very difficult task.

To get around the ban, you need to use the “tweet this” button and make sure your friends see your tweets.

There’s also a new feature that lets you “like” weird fiction posts without banning it.

Here’s how to do it. 1.

Use the “Tweet this” feature When you see a “Trending Topics” button, tap it and select “tweets”.


Follow the trending topics on Facebook.

Once you like or comment on a weird fiction post, it will appear in the “Trendings” section of your feed.

The link will take you to a page where you can share the post, or to a post that you have liked.


Click the “Share” button.

A “Share this weird fiction” button will appear.

It will take a few moments to load.


Click “Share it” and add a note about the weird, funny, or interesting thing you found.

Click Share it.

It’ll take a little while to load again.


Click on “Like” to “Like this weird story”.

Once you have like or commented on the weird story, you’ll see a small button next to it.

This button will take your comment to the next post in the Trendings section.


Click to “like”.

The weird story will appear as a new post in your feed, and you can click to “share”.

You can also add a comment about it, or leave a comment to let others know about it. 7.

Click away.

It might take a while to appear in your feeds, but eventually you’ll start seeing it on your friends’ newsfeeds.

It doesn’t have to appear at the top of your friends feed or even in the top right corner of your newsfeed.

It could be up there with “funny”, “disease”, “life”, or “food”.

It can be any topic.

You can’t do anything about it on Facebook, but you can make sure it stays in your news feeds.

Facebook users will notice weird stories in their newsfeed and share them with others.

It can even make it into the trending stories section of Facebook’s newsfeed, which will automatically be posted to your friends.