What is science fiction?

Sci-fi, the genre of fiction in which the stories are set in a post-apocalyptic future, is the latest addition to the growing field of “science fiction” fiction.

Sci-fic writers often use fictional worlds as their primary setting for the stories they write, and many fiction writers are now branching out into other genres.

Sci fi has its roots in science fiction, but today the genre encompasses a range of genres including the classic science fiction of the 1950s, the science-fiction genre of the 1970s, and a host of other styles.

For more information on what constitutes “science” fiction, see our definition.

Sci fic is defined by the Oxford Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy as “a form of speculative fiction in fiction which deals with issues of science and technology, and which seeks to explore the effects of such technology on human beings and society”.

Science fiction is also often a genre that focuses on themes that can be traced back to science, like “humanity as a species” and “the search for truth”.

For example, the phrase “truth is stranger than fiction” was coined by author Robert Heinlein in 1951.

A more recent example is the phrase, “the science of fiction is the science of life”.

In addition to writing about science, Sci fi authors also use the term “space opera” to describe the stories of fictional worlds, such as Star Trek and Star Wars.