“The Book of Eli” in Hebrew

The Book of El, the third book of the trilogy by Israeli author Eitan Waddell, will be translated into English in January 2018, Israel’s National Library and Archives announced on Tuesday.

The Hebrew title of the book, “The Last of the Kings,” was translated into Hebrew by the Hebrew publisher Mavi-Yerushalayim, which specializes in translating Hebrew titles into English.

The translation of the Hebrew title into English will take place at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a spokesperson said.

The third book in the trilogy, “Nahari,” is also slated for a January 2018 translation, but will be published in Hebrew as part of a series of novels by Israeli writer Amos Oz.

In addition, the Hebrew version of the novel “The Three Kings” will be available for purchase by the public.

The three books of the original trilogy, titled “The Fall of El,” “The Return of El” and “The Second Coming of El”, are set in the biblical period of the Second Temple period (c.

2200-2400 B.C.).

The trilogy was first published in 2001 by Hebrew publisher Jerusalem-based Mirror Books.

The series is also available in English, Russian, Spanish and Hebrew.