India’s largest book store: Purohit and his friends headline Purohat’s new bookshop

Purohatti’s new literary venture has opened its doors for the first time, offering the country’s largest collection of novels, short stories and poetry.

The bookstore, set to open on Monday, will be one of the biggest in the country with a number of the world’s best authors, writers, painters and musicians.

Purohit is the son of poet and novelist Gyanendra Purohit and a former Indian vice-chancellor.

He has been publishing books in English, Hindi, Urdu and Tamil, and has written many short stories.

He said he was excited to see the store, which will cater to the Indian market, opened.

Punjab is one of India’s richest states, and its book scene is very vibrant.

The state’s publishing houses have a long history of selling foreign titles and the Purohmits have been active in the sector for a long time.

Pulverising Purohot’s family legacyPurohat has spent the last three decades working on his own, mostly self-published books.

He is known for his literary ambitions, and his books have sold millions of copies.

His latest novel, A Pity of All Fortunes, which he co-wrote with poet Ram Madhav, was released in March.

In 2016, Purohim opened his first bookshop in Mumbai.

He later expanded his business in Pune and Puducherry.

Purohad his first bookstore in Bangalore in 2014.

He opened his second bookstore in Delhi in 2015 and a third in Mumbai in 2016.

Pothos bookshop will be the first to offer his books in India.