Why this dystopian novel is about the internet

Sumika, a young woman, spends her summer with her father in a cabin in the countryside.

The day she goes home, she’s attacked by a giant robot named Robo-Lobo, which she has to fight.

After a while, the robots become stronger and begin to wreak havoc on the town.

Sumika tries to fight back, but Robo-Hobo begins to do things that she can’t even begin to imagine.

When Robo-Mobo takes over the town, Sumika is suddenly thrust into a world where she must decide whether she wants to continue living in the cabin or to go back to her own world.

In sumika, there is no middle ground, no middle of the road, no way out of this dark place.

This is a story about how the internet has changed humanity in such a way that it has been able to conquer human nature.