NHL’s Richest Fictional Characters list, featuring 10 original stories by top players

NHL players will have to compete for millions of dollars if they want to become superstars.

The NHL’s annual list of the most financially successful fictional characters has been released.

The list includes 12-time all-star Sidney Crosby, former NHL captain Sidney Crosby Jr., and NHL all-time scoring leader Patrick Kane.

The list was compiled by NHL writers.

The players’ total payouts are estimated at $2.1 billion.

The first five NHL players to appear on the list are Sidney Crosby and Patrick Kane, who each have an estimated total of $2 billion.

They are followed by Wayne Gretzky, who has an estimated $2 million payout.

Crosby, Crosby Jr. and Kane were chosen based on their contributions to the sport, and the money they earned.

Kane earned $1.9 million from the NHL and Crosby earned $921,000.

The highest-paid player in the league is New York Rangers captain Ryan Callahan who is worth $904,000 from the league.

Kane was named the top NHL player in 2014.

His earnings from the sport include $1,063,000 in endorsements, endorsements and media rights.

The other four NHL players who have made the list in recent years are Patrice Bergeron, Jarome Iginla, Ryan Getzlaf and Henrik Lundqvist.