How to win at Pulp Fiction

Football Italian is proud to announce that the 2018/2019 Italian Premier League season will be the first to feature a new series of the critically acclaimed TV series Pulp Fights, starring Roberto Bolaño and Rodrigo Montalban.

In the fifth episode of the new season, the two protagonists, Antonio Di Maresca and Rodrigo de la Rosa, are fighting their way through the streets of Venice.

With the help of a local journalist, they are able to locate a lost girl, who is currently held captive by the Mafia.

The pair are determined to bring her home to the family, but the Mafia have already released her into the streets, where she finds shelter with a gang of local criminals.

With their newfound ally, the boys must make the most of their newfound friendship and use their common enemy, the Mafia, to their advantage.

The first episode of this new season is available for download now.

Pulp Fights is produced by The Creative Artists Agency and the award-winning film director Antonio Di Nardi. 

The series stars Roberto Bolas and Rodrigo La Rosa as the protagonists, who are both from a similar background: Bolañas grew up in the streets while La Rosa grew up on the outskirts of Venice in the 1940s. 

Both men have shown an incredible amount of talent and the characters have been extremely likable.

The two are also very skilled at their jobs, with Bolas being an accomplished boxer, while La Rosa is a great painter and dancer. 

Bolaños most notable performance was in the final episode of Pulp 2: Pulp Money, when he fought in the boxing ring with Antonio Di Marzo, a man he barely knew. 

Tune in to the first episode on Saturday, May 8 at 7:30pm CET to catch this episode. 

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